Bicycle Fit and Positioning

However much or little you ride your bike, it needs to fit. Whether for comfort or performance, a properly fitting bike is crucial to maximizing your cycling efficiency and making your experience comfortable and injury free.

Observe, Measure, Adjust, Repeat. From racers to commuters and everything in between, Mighty Riders

A fit session consists of:

1. A Q&A period, where we determine your riding type and history, your physical history, and your cycling goals.

2. A complete set of your physical measurements; this will help us to determine your ideal bike set up.

3. A complete measurement of your bike; we compare this with the ideal numbers. 4. A look-see of you on your bike to see how the math translates into reality. This is the time intensive part. Foot position, saddle position (height and fore/aft position), and hand position are examined and optimized.

The fee is $250, and the session is scheduled for 90 minutes, more if we need to make multiple component changes.

All fittings are by appointment.

We use the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit to assess your position:

Foot Support Cleat Analysis and Leg Alignment: $100/hour

  • Foot structure evaluation
  • Cleat installation and adjustment
  • Knee tracking and foot/pedal interface via video analysis
  • A solid foundation is critical to ensuring the most comfortable and powerful position possible. Ensuring that a rider’s feet are well supported inside their shoes and that their cleat position appropriately supports the ankle, knee, and hip are all critical components to not only making a rider more comfortable, but to keeping them pain and injury free.

*parts and accessories needed to accomplish an appropriate fit are additional.