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Bicycle Quarterly Spring Issue

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Colnago Has Landed

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CX Baby!!! Low Loder lookin' fast ans smooth!

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BC CX Championships

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Here's a little teaser to accompany the Disc Trucker pictures.

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Here is close up of the well thought out rear dropout.

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Bike Fit and Positioning

However much or little you ride your bike, it needs to fit. Whether for comfort or performance, a properly fitting bike is crucial to maximizing your cycling efficiency and making your experience comfortable and injury free.


A fit session consists of:


1. A Q&A period, where we determine your riding type and history, your physical history, and your cycling goals.


2. A complete set of your physical measurements; this will help us to determine your ideal bike set up.


3. A complete measurement of your bike; we compare this with the ideal numbers. 4. A look-see of you on your bike to see how the math translates into reality. This is the time intensive part. Foot position, saddle position (height and fore/aft position), and hand position are examined and optimized.


The fee is $100, and the session takes an hour, more if we need to make multiple component changes.


All fittings are by appointment.