Service and Bag Rentals

We started out fixing them, and we’ll never lose that. We consider it an embarrassment to be defeated by bits of metal, plastic and rubber, so we work hard to solve whatever problem you’ve got with your bike. Our specialty is to make the bicycle work as best as possible for its rider, in whatever it takes or what’s affordable, whichever is a bigger concern. We don’t know everything, but we can usually get the job done.  Most times things can get turned around in a day or two. Instant jobs are done only if you’re nice to us, and by nice we mean you bring beer or baked goods or fine deli meats.

We build some pretty strong bicycle wheels. We’re pretty picky about what we use materially, so you will hear some stuff that’s contrary to what’s being recommended elsewhere.


Tune Up 110.00
Includes all external adjustments: gears, brakes, all bearing units, true wheels.

Frequency: Do it at least once a year.

Mighty Tune 175.00
Complete disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and adjustment of the entire bike, not including suspension.

Frequency: Do it at least once every two years, if you use the bike a lot.

Single cable actuated system adjustment (brake, gear, whatever…)

Frequency: Do it when it doesn’t work properly (DUH!)

Single system overhaul (hub, bottom bracket…)

Frequency: Does it grind or feel loose?

Wheel true 25.00 minimum
Change tube standard wheel 15.50
Tubeless Set-up (incl. sealant & tape) 45.00
Bleed Brake 25.00
Fitting 150.00
Projects 120.00/hr.

Fender Install                                                                                                              25.00 minimum

Rack Install                                                                                                                 20.00