These are  the essential considerations in the process of selecting the ideal bicycle:

1.  Riding type.

This is for you to determine, as best you can.  Everybody has a reason to buy a bike – what is yours?  We’ll need as complete a picture of this as you can manage.  If you haven’t got a specific selection, we’ll let the frequency and duration of your rides and the terrain and weather conditions tell us which bike you need.

2.  Frame material.

The frame of the bike has a lot of jobs to do (holding you up, holding all of the parts together, turning your power into forward motion, and dampening vibration, to name a few).  Each of the most common materials in use – aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and titanium – will contribute different things to each of those jobs.

We’ll let your intended use inform the material selection.  None of these is necessarily “better” than the others.  While there are is a LOT of opinion out there, we a don’t have a bias for any frame material, so we’ll be able to help you place your money in the best bike possible.

3.  Riding position.

See the section on fit for this.

Buying a bike at Mighty starts with the first bit of the fit session. This is crucial to selecting the right size and type of bike. Delivery times can run as long as two weeks. We guaranty the fit of all our bikes; even the off the shelfs are modified to suit the rider¹s needs ­ stem length, bar width, saddle and gearing are the typical mods, and most can be done at no extra charge. The last half of the fit session is done when the bike is picked up. A bike fit/sizing is included with a purchase of a bike and or frame.

Most off the shelfs are Shimano equipped or SRAM ; we use Campagnolo when it makes sense.