Mighty Riders
Mighty Riders
est. 1997
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"Fit first."

We view having your bike fit as a process. We are best known for our dynamic type fittings and pro build services. The folks we have fitting you have 20,000+ fits under their belts and are experts in this field - seriously - one of them started a school teaching others how to fit bikes.
Our fitting happens in stages.
We fit you on a fancy machine that allows us to match all the bikes in our store to your measurements. We then can your body while you ride and fit the bike to you, to help you get the perfect fit.
It's fancy
We are one of the only shops in the City that does this type of in depth fit. Ask our customers - it shows.
"I was fit at Mighty Riders the day before biking 3,000km to Mexico, I didn't have to adjust my bike once." - Charlie Stableford
We also fit you to your saddle with equally as high tech equipment.

(This stool.)
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stool that is used for fitting folks to their bike seat.
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10 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC